Be a Referral Pro!

Learn the strategies & tactics for generating consistent, quality referrals with the Referral Pro! program
Join our weekly Zoom training every Monday for one hour to become a Referral Pro! This program is designed to teach participants to create new behaviors that will lead to more consistent leads, as well as how to build strong networks and strategic partners. We provide this program FREE to our agents and financial advisors. 

Virtual coaching & accountability Group

Each week, program participants join host Larry Lewis and fellow agents and advisors for a virtual training session.

course activities & study materials

All attendees will have access to specialized, proprietary training materials and worksheets to help learn & grow. 

online learning academy

The Online Learning Academy features training modules, educational materials, and coursework. 

weekly “power Hour” for additional Q&A

For those looking to get additional help or have specific questions answered, every sessions has an additional hour-long Q&A “Power Hour.”

Meet Our Trainer

Larry Lewis
Founder & President, Client Builder Sales & Marketing

Larry Lewis is the founder and president of Client Builder Sales & Marketing (“CBSM”). Over the last two decades, Larry has worked with hundreds of companies of all sizes and scope. His practical, street-smart approach to prospecting and selling has helped hundreds of sales executives, small business owners, and independent professionals increase their sales and profits with more control, greater confidence and less effort.

Larry is the author of Client Builder Selling and the creator of the “Client Builder Academy” online sales coaching platform. He is also an entertaining professional speaker who has spoken to hundreds of trade and professional organizations on the topics of selling and sales management. Prior to forming CBSM he was a top sales performer for Lexis-Nexis and Thomson Reuters and a sales manager with several smaller firms. Before pursuing a career in sales he practiced for four years as a trial lawyer.

Larry holds a BS in Marketing from the University of Virginia and a JD from the Duquesne University School of Law. He lives with his two sons just north of Pittsburgh, PA.